The biggest reason why Maike has come this far is that we never let the fire of our career go out. Sometimes we will feel a lot of confusion arising from inside and outside, but solving these problems is an integral part of our career, and the development process of any enterprise serves as a process of constantly solving problems and creating value.

We have adhered to our initial intentions, ourselves and the correct route for more than 20 years. At the time of mistakes, we shall correct them in time. Running an enterprise is a process of constant self-correction, in which looking for the right way of thinking and direction is the greatest development significance which the company has always adhered to.

The next decade shall be a decade of high integration and wisdom of finance, commodities, market and transaction. Trading platform, financial service and asset securitization will be the development direction of Maike Group in the next decade. We hope to, through ten years' efforts, develop Maike Group into the largest and most influential comprehensive bulk commodity service provider in China. Meanwhile, we also hope that all employees of Maike can look upon our customers from a global perspective, listen carefully, feel the needs of customers, experience the progress of the times, fully understand Maike's social responsibility, and always light up their own eternal fire.