Maike Group has formed a senior management team with high knowledge level, strong management ability and rich experience after more than 20 years' development. They have not only good educational background, but also long-term practical experience in domestic and international trade of non-ferrous metals, futures trading, logistics management, market operation and various investments. They have not only high loyalty to the group, but also a strong sense of responsibility to customers. The management team of Maike Group supervises the decision-making implementation of each operating organization, and grants rights to individuals with both business experience and ability to enhance the position of the Group in the industry. The Group makes useful choices and deals with short-term and long-term issues in a flexible manner before potential business opportunities emerge. Maike needs a management team that fully recognizes the importance of long-term strategy and views the development of the Group from a long-term perspective, while paying attention to the unity of stability and efficiency.